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Item # 1. Guatemala 1894 Peso, NGC62PQ, Very Nice Coin .................$165 A very nice Guatemala 1894 Peso, certified NGC 62PQ and graded conservativily. Coin is Brilliant with sharp strike and luster. A very nice addition to your collection.
2. Guatemala 1925 1 Quetzal, Very Rare One Year Type, Choice AU/Unc .....$3750 This is a beautiful high quality coin, that is very scarce. It is unknown how many of these coins are in circulation as of now. This Guatemala 1925 Quetzal is probably one of the few coins out there in such great condition, with great detail, and no major problems. Background history on this coin: 10,000 mintage with 7,000 pieces were withdrawn and remelted in 1927 and 1928 and more of the remaining 3000 were further melted and circulated leaving only a few handfuls in high grade as this coin. This coin is all original with light golden toning with very sharp detail and field luster and exceptional clean fields. A very desirable coin for the advance collector. This would be a great coin to add to your collection.

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