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Item # 1. Germany Frankfurt 1861 Taler, Rare In Lustrous BU...............$450 Rare in mint grade as many were well circulated and melted. A very hard coin to locate in this choice BU grade with full detail and Luster. A beauty for your collection.
2. Hesse-Darmstadt 1904 5 Mark , Rare Gem Matte Proof................$825 Here's a very nice Original Gem colorful toned 1904 5 Mark from Hess-Darmstadt in Matte Proof strike with a mere mintage of 700 coins. This coin is a very nice high grade coin with a matte obverse surface and colorful mirror fields on reverse. A popular one year type and a very nice highend grade. A nice keeper for your collection.
3. Prussia 5 Mark 1913, Scarced Choice Tone Unc................$265 Prussian 5 Mark. A very nice high grade 5 Marks, all original with full luster and sharp strike. Getting hard to find in grade
4. Germany 1927A 5 Mark Bremerhaven Gem Proof NGC 67 Rare.............$2750 A rare find is this Germany Bremerhaven 5 Mark, struck in Proof and certified by NGC as Proof 67. This coin is all original with wonderful multicolors, deep mirror field, frosted cameo devices and exceptionally clean of any problems. A rare coin with a likely small number minted, possibly less then 100 or so, this possibly being the highest in grade and certified by NGC. A rare find and a very nice addition for a highend collection. Sorry Sold
5. 1927 A 3 Mark Bremerhaven Sharp Gem BU, Beautiful Color.............$350 A very nice 1927A 3 Mark, commemorating Bremerhaven. This coin an original colorful Gem, with sharply struck detail, full luster with wonderful golden and blue toning. Exceptionally clean fields and devices of any contact on this beauty. A wonderful addition to your collection.
6. 1927 A 5 Mark Bremerhaven Sharp Gem BU, Scarce Date.............$1450 A very nice 1927A 5 Mark, commemorating Bremerhaven. This coin is sharply struck with wonderful luster and no major problem. A popular one year type with a low mintage of 50,000 coins and alway in demand by collectors. A wonderful addition to your collection.
7. Germany 1927F 5 Marks, Tubingen Unv. Rare Ch Proof......................$1450 A rare coin that rarely comes on the market is this Proof 1927F 5 Marks is the Anniversay of University of Tubingen in the rare proof strike condition. This coin is sharply struck with full detail and exception clean of device contacts and wonderful deep mirror fields with lite hairlines. A wonder and rare coin that has a very small mintage and one that is listed way under valued in Krause. A rare find and one that you"ll enjoy adding to your collection. Sorry Sold
8. Germany 1929E 5 Marks Messen, MS65 Gem Rare..........................$1450 Germany 1929E 5 Marks Anniversary Meissen, Gem MS65, Rare High Grade, Beautiful Full Luster and Strike, Low Mintage. A gorgeous and extremly hard to find is the Meissen Commemorative. This coin has a mere mintage of 120,000 coins, one year type and the grade of is very high for this grade and difficult to acquire. This coin is all original with fully lustet and strike and extremely clean of any major contact. Most likely one of the best grade coin I have seen of this type and very few around that will compare to this beauty. If you are looking for the best, here's your chance to add this rare type coin to your collection. Krause cats this at $575 in your unc grade. This gem should get a nice price for that knowledgable collector who is looking to add this important coin to their portfolio. Good Luck.
9. Germany 1955F 5 Marks Schiller, PCGS Proof 67 Cameo, Rare Grade......$3700 A rare find for that ultimate collection. This is the best I have seen on this popular and rare proof. Mintage on this coin is about 1200 proof and this most likely is the best. A rare date in BU and even more in this Superb Proof. A rare find and one that will rarely been seen on auction or for sale. Add this beauty to your collection. Sorry Sold
10. Germany 1964J 5 Marks, Rare Proof, KM 118.1 Death of Johann Fichte........$425 Here's a rare proof coin that rarely comes on the market. A proof strike of Johann Fichte. A mere mintage of 5,000 coins and hard to locate. Krause catalogs this at $700. The coin is sharply struck with Cameo device and mirror fields. The coin has some obverse scratches on the device that is not readily seen unless you look real close and some on the fields. A very rare coin that is very hard to find.
11. Germany 1964J 5 Marks, Choice BU, KM 118.1 Death of Johann Fichte........$225 A very nice German Federal Republic 1964 5 Marks, commemorating Johann Gottlied Fichte. A wonderful coin in Sharp strike BU condition. A scarcer date with a low mintage and always in demand. A scarcer date and one that you'll enjoy adding to your collection.
12. Germany 1958 F 5 Marks, Scarce Mint, Lower Mintage........$165
13. Germany 1968 G 5 Mark, Guttenberg Comm, Gem Proof.................$65
14. East Germany 1966 20 Mark, Leibniz Comm, CH Unc Scarce........$225 Rare Low Mintage. All original superb condition.

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